Getting A Black Belt In Columbus Ohio At Age 38

Dynamic Self Defense School in New Albany OhioGetting a Black Belt at age 38 in Columbus Ohio isn’t something most people will do. After all, there are plenty of reasons not to… and even as you go for it, you’ll have plenty on opportunities to quit.

There will be that class that pushed your buttons at the wrong time. That time when your back gave out from going at it too hard on the ground. The broken bone from a technique gone awry.

There will be the heat, the aches, the bruises and of course that board that didn’t break and instead almost broke you.

Focus on these things and the road to Black Belt will lead you somewhere else.

Focus instead on the laughs, the camaraderie, the shared triumphs.

The technique that wouldn’t click and the encouragement and support of your fellow classmates in helping you get it down… in a way that works for you not just “by the book.”

Focus on the new found confidence, your new physical skill, your inner peace knowing fully that fear and pain will not stop you.

Focus on increased physical fitness, pounds lost, legs that lift higher than they did before! Look back and see how far you have come.

And don’t quit…

The road to Black Belt isn’t traveled in a week, a month or even a year.

Black Belt isn’t just a term to be used lightly or to make things sound cool. It’s a state of mind and the result of a won’t quit attitude.

I earned my Black Belt in Dynamic Self-Defense, not because I’m the worlds best fighter, the stereotypical athlete or even the best student in the class. I earned my Black Belt because I didn’t accept the excuses to quit.

About Mr. Vatke

Mr. Vatke has studied and practiced martial arts for over 20 years. The quest for a practical self defense based system led him to Dynamic Self Defense. Mr. Vatke holds a 2nd degree Black Belt and is the Chief Assistant Instructor at the New Albany Dynamic Self Defense School.

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