7 Year Old Stops Bully

medium_5653340435Mr. Mulhollen guess what happened to me today?

7 year old Nicholas came in to the school with a skip in his step as he called out to me. ” Mr. Mulhollen? MR. MULHOLLEN? Guess what happened to me today?” His father looked on with smiles as he helped Nicholas take off his coat. ” Hello Nick!” I said “What happened?” Nick motioned for me to lower down so he can whisper it in my ear. As I bent down on one knee, Nicholas clasped his hands up to my ear and said “I had to defend myself against a bully today.

Can I share it with the class?” I smiled and assured him before class was dismissed that he would be able to tell his tale. After an intense instructional training session, it was time for Nicholas to share his story. I motioned for Nicholas to come up front so everyone could see him and with a clearing sound of the throat, Nick began to speak. “Today in gym class a bully came up to me and grabbed my shirt, before he was able to do anything else, I stepped into him and while grabbing him around the waist, I knee’d him in the groin and pushed him away. I ran to get a teacher while the bully was on the ground.” Faces showed signs of approval as I peered over his fellow classmates as they all clapped for Nicholas doing the right thing.

It wasn’t some fancy move or difficult maneuver that helped Nicholas but rather a few practical and effective techniques that Dynamic Self Defense students train on everyday. Practical, effective, and realistic: These words are the backbone of how we train. Stop by and see for yourself what Dynamic Self Defense can do for you!

photo credit: Philippe Put via photopin cc
About Master Mulhollen

Master Mulhollen has studied martial arts for over 20 years. He was a Choi Kwang-Do instructor prior to Dynamic Self Defense. He holds a 4th degree Black Belt and is the Master Instructor at the New Albany Dynamic Self Defense School.

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