Children’s Self Defense Classes in Columbus Ohio Make Kids “Bully Proof”

Children's Self Defense Classes Columbus Ohio10TV News was out at our self defense school in New Albany recently. Their segment shows how our children’s self defense classes in Columbus Ohio can help make kids bully proof.

The segment talks about a major concept in self defense – that bullies look for easy targets.

This is where self defense training can play a major role in preventing attacks in the first place.

The first step is of course knowledge. Knowing the right moves, when to apply them, how to strike, where to strike and so on is a big factor in being able to defend yourself physically. But it’s not everything… and I would argue not even the most important part of self defense training.

The most important part of self defense training comes when kids are taught to use their knowledge under stress. At Dynamic Self Defense we do this by adding reality elements into our training. Making kids deal with multiple attackers, role play in scenarios and focus while doing intense drills helps give them the confidence that they can indeed use what they learned if they had to.

Ultimately it’s confidence that helps prevent bullying. When kids are confident in their physical ability they are not threatened by words alone. This is something I have observed myself with DSD students. Once they are confident in their physical skills they can shrug off verbal comments much more easily. They can also look a larger bully in the the eye and tell them to back off without hesitation or feeling afraid. This level of confidence is what we strive to build in our students.

Fighting is always a last resort. But the irony is that fear can lead to more fights than solid confidence. Bullies don’t want to fight – they certainly don’t want a fair fight much less one where they think they might get hurt. What they want is an easy target that helps them stoke their ego and improve their social rank. And in this way DSD really can make your child bully proof.

See our segment on 10TV

If you are in NE Columbus or one of the suburbs or surrounding communities – Westerville, Gahanna – we invite you to schedule a time to watch one of our classes in action. See for yourself if we’re the kind of people that you want your child to be a parts of.

About Mr. Vatke

Mr. Vatke has studied and practiced martial arts for over 20 years. The quest for a practical self defense based system led him to Dynamic Self Defense. Mr. Vatke holds a 2nd degree Black Belt and is the Chief Assistant Instructor at the New Albany Dynamic Self Defense School.

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