Welcome To McDojos: May I Take Your Order?

Is your karate school a McDojo?Martial Art Schools are like any other small business. They market a product in hopes to draw in potential customers and make a profit to survive. The popular the product, the more successful the school. The more successful the school, the more the competition strives to mimic what their doing.

It is at this point many schools offer a wide range of options outside their normal Art as if to say “My style is missing something so let me offer what is working across the street to get people to come here.” Another example would be a school trying to cater to very need which in turn can cause confusion amongst the students. It is in these examples that the term “McDojo” is generally used. And with that name comes negative press.

An example of the poison a McDojo can emit is hiding the true nature of the so-called “Special Deal”. It isn’t until the individual is reviewing the terms with the Martial Art School that they find out that if you want to participate in the grappling class, or kick boxing session that the “Special Deal” has now turned into a car payment. Many people end up feeling let down or highly pressured into signing up for something they truly are not sure about especially when their child is dazzled by the glamor of the school setting or uniform they get to wear. Some call it good business I call it deceit.

Another example would be the Instruction of the classes. Many owners with a nice collection of awards and degrees, dazzle the prospective student into signing up with the thought of the student being trained under them, only to turn around and have other students teach the classes. Turns out Instruction of the Head Instructor is available but only for private sessions which is an additional cost to the student.

One of our posts titled “The Best Martial Art for Self-Defense” is an article I urge all potential students to read in order to help them make a decision on what they are looking for in a school. Having the right questions to ask the Martial Art school will save in becoming succumbed to the “McDojo” trap.

We work very hard to sway away from the “McDojo” realm which is why Dynamic Self Defense has a no nonsense policy. Our curriculum is purely self defense based covering all areas of defense whether it be on the ground or on foot. We are not a tournament nor cage fighting style school. We don’t pressure parents into signing long term contracts nor confine students to certain days of the week to train. Even though the school has an excellent Assistant Instructor staff, the Master Instructor handles 99% of the schools class instructions.

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About Master Mulhollen

Master Mulhollen has studied martial arts for over 20 years. He was a Choi Kwang-Do instructor prior to Dynamic Self Defense. He holds a 4th degree Black Belt and is the Master Instructor at the New Albany Dynamic Self Defense School.

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