Keeping It Simple Yet Effective

Self Defense Eye Gouge From GroundSelf Defense training shouldn’t be just for the in-shape cardio health fan, physical strong man or for the incredibly flexible . A Self Defense curriculum should be able to cater to anyone regardless of age, size or disability for ANYONE can be a target of crime.

In my time researching other possible affective techniques for my students, I get amazed at the overwhelming amount of misinformation that seems to cater to the “Dazzle” of a move rather than if the technique in question would actually be affective in a real life scenario. As an Instructor I not only have to look at whether the technique is practical but also if the technique can be applied by the common person.

When training with any technique, I also compare the maneuver with muscle memory response as well as how and when the technique can be used. I also look at several scenarios. Am I in a situation with multiple attackers or one? What if there is only one way out, What if I am in a tight space or there are obstacles around me, limiting my movement?  You see a technique is more than the visual appeal. You have to look at the whole picture!

When looking at the big picture, simple techniques like eye gouges, elbow strikes and kicks below the waist while basic and not very eye appealing, deal massive amounts of damage to the target and are easily applied by even the most non-athletic person out there!

When learning anything, the student should always apply not just the maneuver but also the way it is applied to any potential real life situation and ask themselves “Is this something practical for me..”

Dynamic Self Defense is a program designed to adapt to current situations, sorting out what works and what doesn’t. By applying simple techniques anyone can use, allows for a more affective training regiment for anyone whether it be the 22 year old triathlon runner or the over weight 45 year old with bad knees.

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About Master Mulhollen

Master Mulhollen has studied martial arts for over 20 years. He was a Choi Kwang-Do instructor prior to Dynamic Self Defense. He holds a 4th degree Black Belt and is the Master Instructor at the New Albany Dynamic Self Defense School.

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