Why dealing with “Keyboard Warriors” can be a good thing!

keyboard warrior    In today’s age, the internet seems to be the best way to get out to the masses what your wanting to say, sell or show. With that type of audience comes those who wish to shut you down or at-least annoy you to know end without the threat of being known and having to deal with you face to face. These types of individuals are known as “Keyboard Warriors.”

A fellow Martial Art practitioner of mine, Faron was in training recently preparing for a huge sparring tournament and wanted to show to his friends and family how his performance was doing. Like most of us, Youtube provided the means for him to post his videos and show everyone what he was up to. Unfortunately that’s when the “Keyboard Warrior” strikes and the ensuing derogatory posts begin. What was supposed to be an informational video for those interested in Faron’s interests, soon became a battle of words.

This is an all to common tale and usually leaves the one who posted the video or blog, frustrated and distraught, taking their eye of the original plan and losing focus on what their main intent was. But can these “Keyboard Warrior” posts be something we can turn around and use to our advantage?

Of course the “Keyboard Warrior” mentality goes way beyond our computers. Companies have been bad mouthing their competition for years. One of the most famous was the battle between Burger King and McDonald’s some time ago when Burger King came out with several commercials demeaning the McDonald’s  brand. One in particular showed three young adults eating Burger King when one says that they all need to get back to work to which all three of them put on their McDonald’s hats. And what was the public reply? According to Forbes*, McDonald’s is the #1 ranked fast food chain with Burger King being 6th!

In the eye of Martial Arts in general Dynamic Self Defense (DSD) is just a minnow in the big pond yet DSD gets heavily attacked on our beliefs of proper training tactics and theories. We however encourage such onslaughts! It means we the minnow, can cause concern for big fish forcing them to be accountable for what they teach and re-evaluating what and how they run their program! DSD is making the public think past the dazzle of the school and skilled trainer. We encourage the public to look at the curriculum itself and wondering “Is this really Self Defense? Can I really use this in a street fight if needed?”

There will always be that “Keyboard Warrior” mass out there and we openly accept them for it allows us to educate people in what we do and what we are about, providing an articulate answer with statistics and facts based on our research. McDonald’s took the commercials about them with good humor and replied to Burger King thanking them for the free advertising! We take the ridicule the same way just hoping they spell our name right!


About Master Mulhollen

Master Mulhollen has studied martial arts for over 20 years. He was a Choi Kwang-Do instructor prior to Dynamic Self Defense. He holds a 4th degree Black Belt and is the Master Instructor at the New Albany Dynamic Self Defense School.

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