New Albany Instructors

The New Albany school is different than most chain style martial arts schools in that students are instructed directly by a Master Instructor with the assistance of true expert level assistant instructors. By working one-on-one with various expert level instructors students gain not just our base curriculum knowledge but the principles and reflexes to deal with any violent situation.

All students (not just expert level) are encouraged to contribute and help each other train better. Our Instructors help set the foundation for this atmosphere.

Master Scott Mulhollen – Master Instructor

Master Scott MulhollenMaster Mulhollen began studying and training in martial arts at the age of 15 when he attended an introductory lesson at a local Karate school. Being a plump kid that was always picked on, he was looking for something to help him defend himself against bullies. Unfortunately the forms and techniques he learned early on in Karate had little effect – forcing him to look for other solutions.

Mr. Mulhollen eventually found Choi Kwang-Do which teaches striking and blocking techniques similar to Dynamic Defense. Excelling under the instruction of Chief Instructor Roger Wright, he trained daily to gain new skills and strength. When school started and the bullying resumed, he found himself surrounded by three guys who taunted him and prevented his escape. When one tried to slap him, he used two quick moves to put the bully on the ground. Seeing this, the other bullies backed off and never bothered him again.

Achieving a 1st Degree Black Belt in Choi, he became an Assistant Instructor and later Chief Instructor at the Choi Kwang-Do school in Douglasville GA.

A few years later he was contacted by his mentor Grandmaster Robert Lowery who had created a new martial art based entirely on the principles of self-defense. Dynamic Self-Defense appealed to him because of the realistic training it provided – specifically including ground fighting and defense from modern day weapons like knives, guns and blunt objects.

Mr. Mulhollen is the owner and Chief Instructor of the New Albany school and currently holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Dynamic Self-Defense and is a certified Master Instructor. He has taught many students to Black Belt level and beyond. He continues to actively study and train martial arts with his students and Master mentors.

Mr. Andre Vatke – Chief Assistant Instructor

Andre Vatke - DSD InstructorMr. Vatke came to Dynamic Self-Defense having studied and trained in other martial arts including Go Ju Ru Karate and Shaolin Kung-Fu. He was frustrated with traditional martial arts because they spent little or no time dealing with realistic self-defense scenarios which was why he got involved to begin with. After many years out of training, Mr. Mulhollen convinced him to start training again and he’s never looked back. He enjoys bringing conceptual insight into teaching and training situations. He is an expert level currently holding the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. Mr. Vatke and his wife Kelley (see below) have two children each with the rank of Black Belt.

Mrs. Kelley Vatke – Assistant Instructor

Kelley Vatke - DSD InstructorMrs. Vatke started training in DSD in 2007. She has been instrumental in helping with many of our Women’s Self-Defense seminars and is a regular in our adult classes. Her insight is especially helpful to our other female students as well as our male instructors. She is an expert level currently holding the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Mr. Gary Brown

gary-brownMr. Brown was introduced to Dynamic Self Defense when he enrolled his two children into our children’s curriculum. After seeing the value of the reality based drills he decided to give the adult class a try. Today Mr. Brown as well as both of his kids have earned their black belts in DSD. Mr. Brown enjoys giving back to help color belts reach their goal of becoming advanced or expert self defense students just as many black belts before him.

Mr. Grant Adams

grant-adamsMr. Adams joined Dynamic Self Defense when he was just in 4th grade. He completed our kids curriculum earning his black belt and then transitioned into our adult curriculum where he went on to earn his 1st degree. As our youngest instructor, Mr. Adams brings an energy and enthusiasm to both our kids and adult classes.