Women’s Self Defense Classes Make A Perfect Christmas Present!

It’s Christmas time again and Dynamic Self Defense has the perfect gift for your family member or friend! A Women’s Self Defense class not only provides that gift option for someone difficult to shop for but also provides a life skill that lasts forever!

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a Women’s Self Defense course so why pick us? Below are just a few reasons:

  • Courses are Custom TailoredUnlike a group conducted class, teaching a universal style program, each Dynamic Self Defense Women’s Self Defense Class incorporates the individuals concerns whether it involves some type of work related environment or dealing with College life situations.
  • Course Is Privately TaughtThe client receives One on One instruction with a Master Instructor, training at a rate that is comfortable to them.
  • Master Instructor TrainingThe client is being taught by a Self Defense Master Instructor with over 20 years experience in Self Defense Training.
  • Flexible Date & Time OptionsBecause the course is taught privately, the client has the option to choose the date and time the course is held to make it as convenient for them as possible!
  • Flexible Pricing OptionsPrivately taught classes, custom tailored to fit a clients needs, does hold a higher value than a typical group class however we do assist in meeting a persons budget.

For more information on our program options, please click the link http://newalbanydefense.com/women-self-defense-classes/

Why Badly Executed Techniques Are Dangerous

Below is a video showing an individual attempting a take-down that goes horribly wrong! Let’s explore not only why it didn’t go as the attacker had planned it to but also was it necessary to administer such an attack.

Takedown Goes Horribly Wrong
  1. Cause For Reaction – The video does not provide enough information as to why the person (Attacker 1) struck first but what we can clearly see is that he is agitated by the person in his face (Attacker 2) and due to some possible emotional impulse, reacted violently. Most reactions are due to a sudden surge of emotion of some sort whether its rage, fear, etc. It’s at this moment we tend to not make such a wise decision and all to often regret such a decision once we’ve calmed down.

  2. What Went Wrong – Why didn’t the maneuver go as planned? From the video, it’s clear Attacker 1 was just inexperienced with such a take-down. From the improper hand placement (his body should have come in at a slight angle, aiming more below the waistline) to his footwork not being positioned correctly to assist in the opponent losing his balance, the maneuver was doomed from the start. Finally, both participants were of equal size and from the looks of it, equal strength making the turn on the maneuver more difficult for Attacker 1 to execute.

  3. Was That Maneuver The Best Option – At DSD we always strive to find the most basic, simple yet effective action to get out of a physical altercation. The main issue I have with Attacker 1’s action is it left him vulnerable to other attacks. Let’s say the maneuver was executed properly. Nothing would have stopped others from side blinding him with an assault once they both hit the floor.

    While we teach jujitsu based ground defense tactics at DSD, including take-downs, it is important to not only know how to execute a maneuver correctly but also WHEN to use it! With such close proximity, an eye gouge to the face would have been more controlled, easier to execute and help create a barrier (by eye-gouging Attacker 2, Attacker 1 can bring Attacker 2’s body in closer, turning to face any possible threat or threats) for any would-be helper to Attacker 2.

    Self Defense is a very detailed and complex area of study. Dynamic Self Defense strives to not only work the physical aspects of defense but also heavily explores the mental side so when our students are faced with a situation like the one in the video, their response will have the reaction of a positive outcome! Explore our blog to learn more or contact us to watch a live class or speak with an instructor.

Mechanics: The Key To An Effective Technique!

Whether you’re throwing a punch, applying a kick into your assault or simply positioning yourself for a possible physical encounter, proper mechanics ensure your technique(s) are at peak performance!

It’s late. You’ve finished a 10 hour workday yet still have to head to the store, make dinner and put the kids to bed. Knowing you’ve still got a few hours before you can go to bed, you grab your things and head to your car to begin your evening requirements, exhausted. As you’re about to open your car door you hear someone calling out to you.

Related image

Turning around, dazed and unfocused due to the grueling work day you’ve had that’s drained almost all of your energy, a stranger approaches within 10 feet of you.

While this situation can go several ways, your actions will require some form of technique to ensure safety and control of the situation (topics for another blog post). Take the technqiue of a simple body position. In Dynamic Self Defense (DSD) we teach that having certain proper mechnics of said body position including the body being slouched, knees bent with hands towards the facial area (specifically at the cheeks) similiar to a boxers stance, best protects vital areas of the body including the head and ribs as opposed to a more restricted position where knees are locked with hands by the waist or chest area.

The body being slouched with knees bent allows for more fluidity allowing the defender to better weave, step and engage. The mechanics of bent knees and a slouched body also provides better stability if the defender were to get struck or pushed!

Of course its not just ones position that insures a successful defense response but proper mechanics in blocking, punching and kicking all play a role as well! Poor blocking might expose a weak spot on the defender for example or by having a sloppy strike might inflict a self inflicted injury!

At Dynamic Self Defense we take the time to cover the importance of good mechanics in our skills and give time for our students to adapt to said training within their ability. It’s a part of what makes our program so unique and effective! For more information on our program we welcome you to contact us at newalbanydefense@gmail.com or call 614-304-1406

Holiday Shopping Self Defense Tips

sd tips

You’re just coming out of the store. Tired and struggling to hold unto a hand full of bags you barely notice someone approaching you from the rear as you continue to make your way to your car. What do you do? What if you have a child with you?

Situations like this are all to common during this time of year and many people succumb to those predators waiting for an opportune moment to strike so here are some tips to think about this year as you go shopping in the madness of the Holiday season!


Tip #1 – Be alert! – Sounds simple right? A no brainer really however so many people are so preoccupied by their phones, personal appearance and other distractions that they barely realize whats ten feet in front of them.

My suggestion: Hold off on the phone calls until a time permits itself as well as any other item that would take you away from paying attention to whats around you. Your eyes should be in constant motion scanning the surrounding area  looking for oncoming traffic as well as people walking towards you as well as away from you. If you find someones body actions (i.e. staring at you intently or having nervous twitches) are making you feel uncomfortable , follow your gut and take appropriate actions whether its going back inside asking for security assistance to your vehicle or going another direction to your destination.


Tip #2 – Keep your bags to a minimum – Predators are looking for prey they can easily subdue. They are looking for prey that is weighed down with bags or other items restricting ones ability to use his/her hands or be able to run.

My suggestion: Bring a buddy with you to help you shop. If you are unable to have a friend come along, ask for security assistance to your vehicle. Most if not all stores offer this and are happy to help. I do not suggest multiple trips to your vehicle without assistance because predators will be watching you and might attempt to strike when you come back.


Tip #3 – Be Conservative in what you wear and show– Thieves are looking to steal goods to either keep or sell. Flashing the gold and other high quality items as you strut into the store only puts a target on your back. You may not be the Predators first choice however you look like a bigger pay day as opposed to the person in sweats and a dirty coat so it could be worth the risk for them to try. Keep in mind Predators scan the full area INCLUDING inside the store.

My suggestion: By all means you should have the right to wear what you want but think about tip #1. Use common sense when flashing items, money etc to those around you. Be alert to those  paying attention to what you are doing. As you shop and you notice someone may be tailing you, seek the customer service desk and ask for security to assist you to your vehicle. It is what they are their for so don’t feel bad using that service.


Tip #4 – Back into parking space – I could take a full blog about tricks Predators use to get their victims out of their cars but by simply backing into the parking space allows for a quick retreat and adds to the level of difficulty for Predators to use their tactics! I would also like to add that when proceeding to your vehicle, WALK in the center of the lane to avoid any surprises from jumping out at you.


Tip #5 – Unnecessary baggage – If you cannot bear to lose it, keep it at home! Whether its purse stuff or wallet junk, keep it simple when shopping. Do you really need the ten pounds of “stuff” everywhere you go?

My suggestion: Most people I have spoken to have a plan of attack when shopping. They know what they are going for and how much they are able to spend. So if that is true for the masses I say bring just the necessary needs; I.D., credit card or cash (depending on what you are using to buy your items with) and of course any prescriptions needed.  I remind you about tip #3, keeping a conservative mindset helps keep you off the Predators radar.


Tip #6 – No you are not some Bada** no one will touch – One of the biggest issues I have with other schools is this mindset that because of what you look like and what you have been trained in you are somehow this untouchable beast. Simply put if they can keep control of the situation everything you know is flushed down the toilet so keep to the previous tips and be aware ANYONE can be victimized!


The chances of anything happening are slim however it is still possible so please be safe out there this year and if there is anything Dynamic Self Defense can do to further assist in your Self Defense needs please do not hesitate to contact us!