Dynamic Self Defense Is The Best Self Defense Training In Central Ohio

The Best Self Defense Training In Central OhioDynamic Self Defense is the best self defense training is Central Ohio because we focus exclusively on self defense. No katas, no rituals, no nonsense.

While traditional martial arts may cover certain self defense techniques it is not the sole, 100% focus of their curriculum. (Learn what makes Dynamic Self Defense different from traditional martial arts.)

Student’s of all ages and skill levels are taught in the 3 foundational elements of Self-Defense

  1. Principles of Defense: An understanding of the types of violent encounters. What is going through the attackers mind and what should be going through yours.
  2. Tools of Defense: The parts of your body that can do damage to an attacker without incurring equal damage in return.
  3. Targets of Defense: The vulnerable points on the human body, how to damage them and what happens when you do.

We offer a full beginner to expert training program for both adults and children. Our children’s program is the only self-defense based martial arts program in central Ohio specifically designed for kids. We also offer special programs for women, companies and other small groups.

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Classes & Programs Offered at our New Albany location…

Children’s Classes: A 100% self defense based martial arts curriculum. Kids classes (for ages 6 and up) are available 5 evenings a week and by appointment for private lessons.

Adult Classes: Learn effective self defense in any situation while getting a great workout. Adult classes are tailored to each individual physical ability – you don’t need to be an athlete to be effective at self defense and classes are available 6 days a week.

Woman’s Self Defense Courses: We offer a variety of programs that teach basic survival techniques to women of all ages. An ideal event for women’s groups, clubs, employee functions and more.

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Affordable Membership Rates

Compare Dynamic Self Defense to other NE Columbus Martial Arts Schools and you see that not only do we offer a more practical curriculum, our rates are the most affordable as well!

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We offer month to month NO CONTRACT rates and easy monthly billing options.

Attend as many classes each week as you like! Private one-on-one sessions with a Master Instructor are available by appointment.