Self-Defense Private Training Special

Get started with self-defense training in a safe environment – social distancing and State of Ohio guidelines implemented. 

  • Learn Self-Defense skills & techniques
  • Fun weekly personal training
  • Great physical activity builds strength and balance.

How it works…

  • 1 In-Person Private 30 Minute Session. We start with a one-on-one private lesson with a master instructor. We implement state-guided limited contact. This will help set up the student to take advantage of our virtual training environment.
  • 2 Virtual Private 30 Minute Sessions a week. Just hook up a webcam and meet with your instructor in a private one-on-one environment through Google Hangouts. The student will get real instructional feedback not just a video lesson.

Continued monthly private online instructions…

  • The student receives 2 private 30-minute virtual sessions per week at a schedule chosen by the student.
  • The student receives 2 private 30-minute in-person sessions at the school each month.


  • Introductory package only $40.00  – 1 (ONE) in-person session and 2 (TWO) one on one live stream sessions.
  • Ongoing monthly personal online training only $150.00


  • Students will need a training partner at home to work with. This person does not need to have any special skills. The instructor will guide them step by step.
  • Minimum age 7-8 depending on the student’s maturity. Since this is a virtual environment and topics cover serious subjects (injuring others, self-defense ethics, etc.) it’s important that students are able to absorb this without causing mental distress or misuse.

How To Start…

Contact us to start or for more information.