Dynamic Self-Defense Offers The Best Self Defense Based Martial Arts For Kids

Just about any martial arts for kids program will help your child improve their coordination, balance and focus. Yet only Dynamic Self-Defense offers the best self defense based martial arts curriculum for kids.

We focus solely on practical, age appropriate solutions for the types of situations kids age 6 and up face in the modern world. And we do it from day one…

Kids learn self defense in New Albany OH

Your Child Will Learn:

  • How to prevent getting picked on by their peers.
  • How to resist peer pressure & make positive choices.
  • How to defend against bullies.
  • How to handle the stress of being in a self-defense situation.
  • How to defend from the ground or prone positions.
  • Defense against chokes, head locks, take downs, bear hugs, etc.
  • How to defend against larger and multiple attackers.
  • How to defend against adult attackers.
  • How to defend against attackers with weapons.

A sample of what DSD kids learn…

Dynamic Self-Defense isn’t your typical Karate or Taekwondo School.

Kids 2 on 1 self defense drillA 2009 survey of 1,350 martial arts schools in the United States found that only 50% offer self-defense training. For those that do offer self-defense training, it’s only a part of their curriculum, fitting in between other cultural and historical training.

In contrast, the Dynamic Self Defense curriculum is 100% self-defense based. Our training is designed to build reflexes and empower your child with techniques that have been proven in real situations.

We do not teach our students how to use traditional martial arts weapons like Nunchaku, Swords or the Staff. While these weapons look great in movies, they are not practical in real life situations.

Kids air shield self defense drillInstead of ancient tradition, Dynamic Self-Defense focuses on the situations children encounter most often such as larger bullies and peer pressure. As your child progresses they will learn how to defend against more complex situations such as multiple attackers, attackers with weapons such as knives and guns and even adult abductors.

Our mission is to give your child the skill and confidence to deal with any situation they encounter and the mental wherewithal to know what actions are appropriate. One thing you can count on… your child will have a new level of confidence and ability to defend themselves in the most common situations within 90 days.

Dynamic Self Defense instructors are positive role models that help your child develop skills for self defense and for life.

Parents Are Always Welcome

We make it easy for parents to drop kids off or stay while they have class. Parents are welcome to sit in our training area to observe classes directly or work in our air conditioned parents lounge with windows into our training area.

Virtues of respect, humility, and self-discipline are strongly emphasized, along with leadership skills including goal setting, self-reliance, and personal responsibility. There are no spiritual or religious aspects taught, and there is no emphasis on foreign cultures or languages. We are family oriented, and parents are always welcome in our classes.

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Mixed Martial Arts For Kids At Affordable Rates…

Compare Dynamic Self Defense to other NE Columbus Martial Arts Schools and you see that not only do we offer a more practical curriculum, our rates are the most affordable as well!

  • 100% Practical Self Defense Based
  • No Meditation/Rituals
  • No Sport Fighting
  • No Tournaments

Unlimited Classes starting at just $75/mo

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We offer month to month NO CONTRACT rates and easy monthly billing options.

Attend as many classes each week as you like!
Private one-on-one sessions with a Master Instructor are available by appointment.