9 Killer Self Defense Myths Exposed

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FREE REPORT: 9 Killer Self Defense Myths ExposedEvery year in America, 5 million people are victims of a violent crime and a sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes.

Life-Or-Death Is Often Decided In 5 Seconds Or Less.

In those critical seconds will you know EXACTLY what to do?

There are a lot of conflicting opinions when it comes to what you should do if you do get attacked. Whether in an empty parking lot or a crowded mall, everyone seems to have some idea of what you should do to defend yourself if you find yourself confronted with danger.

The dirty secret that every predator knows but no one in the self defense world talks about, is that the most common self defense advice leaves the criminal with the advantage…

I learned that betting your life on a firearm can be a huge mistake.

For over 20 years we’ve taught self defense principles and tactics to elite military and law enforcement agencies.

Now you can learn the same principles and take the advantage in any violent attack.

You’ll learn…

  • 9 killer myths about self defense
  • 3 simple principles to stay safe
  • The number 1 factor criminals use to size up their next victim
  • Why effective self defense is way more than fighting
  • How to find a self defense school and evaluate their program
  • and much more…

When all you have is 5 seconds, we’d like to offer you our 30 page special report absolutely free.

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