One Day of Crime In Columbus, Ohio

People often feel safe in their own city. But after a recent news story about a woman who was forced to withdraw cash from ATM machines by 3 armed criminals, I wondered what the real stats for Columbus Ohio are.

Looking up the Public Records at the Columbus Devision of Police website I found some startling facts. Just yesterday (Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010) there were 58 violent crimes reported.

The break down goes like this…

  • Rape/Sexual Assault – 2
  • Assault – 28
  • Aggravated Assault – 4
  • Robbery – 12
  • Menacing – 12

The terrible thing is that this appears to have been a pretty typical day in Columbus, OH. I checked a few other random days and came up with similar numbers. This means that if you live in Columbus you have a 1 in 40 chance of being the victim of a crime against you.

 Can a self-defense course or martial arts help?

Most people live in an altered reality where they either believe that nothing will ever happen to them (or just refuse to consider it) or that they are powerless to do anything about it. Both cases are very dangerous if you happen to become a victim of crime.

The majority of assault cases listed on the CDP site were simple fights. Usually social arguments or jockeying for social position that escalated to blows. About 1 out 4 involved a weapon – most often a knife or a gun. Cases of robbery almost always involved a weapon where aggravated assault by definition involved the use of a deadly weapon. Only about 1 in 4 cases involved more than one suspect in the case of a serious assault.

Can a self-defense program make you safer?

That of course depends on what kind of program it is. The first course of action is noticing that there are indeed good and bad parts of town. Awareness, how you carry yourself all play into your chances of being a victim.

While it would be irresponsible for me to imply that a Dynamic Self-Defense student is invulnerable to attack. I can say that they are desensitized to having a gun shoved in their face or a knife to the throat. That’s just another Friday night for us.

Being able to stay calm (or at least not panic and lose focus) when facing a violent situation means that you are able to assess the situation and know what options you truly have. This gives you the power to control the situation by either implementing the techniques you have learned, waiting for a better opportunity or by recognizing that the situation is not a threatening as it seems (most robbers for example simply want money, not attention). Key point you can act the moment you choose and not be a party in your own murder.

Funny thing is that by practicing practical self-defense and knowing you have the skill to defend yourself with lethal force if necessary changes the way you walk. You automatically become a less appealing target and better your odds of ever having to use what you learn.

I would invite you to schedule a time to stop by and observe a class for yourself. You’ll see that we’re just ordinary people that have fun training together.