When Is It OK To Strike In Self Defense?

Dynamic Self Defense Kids TestingThree 8th graders had approached one of my 6th grade students from behind as he was walking towards the school gym. My student had not noticed them coming up from behind and with no teacher in sight, the 8th graders decided to do a little physical bullying. One of the 8th graders pushed my student to the ground as they passed, and proceeded to taunt him while he was on the ground. My student immediately got to his feet and asked, “Why did you do that?” The 8th grader, who did the pushing, came right up to my student’s face saying, “what are you going to do about it?” My student, feeling threatened immediately replied with a knee strike to the gut and an elbow to the face! The other kids fled and my student ran away leaving the bully on the ground with a bloody nose.

Violence should never be a first response of action but sometimes it’s unavoidable. In the case above, the bullies did not let up causing my student to feel threatened. The response he had was valid given there might not have been another opportune moment for him to strike. What if my student decided to just stand there and the bully all of a sudden blind-sided him? Or what if one of the other bullies in the group jumped my student from behind?

The fact is you just don’t know that bullies won’t act on their threat – expressed or implied – and in my school, you train to not give up what you know for what you don’t. My student knew that he had an opportunity to strike when the bully approached him with his guard down, right up in his face; hence he took it. The techniques used were basic, practical and above all EFFECTIVE! The actions of my student were enough to diffuse the situation, control the fight, and be able to walk out of there with no damage to himself.

Violence is never pretty. Nobody ever wants to be in that type of situation but if it does happen shouldn’t you be prepared? Will you know what to do? Will what you know have a positive affect in your favor? Dynamic Self Defense can help… call or email now for details.