How Would You React To A Gun?

DSD Gun DefenseIs there an effective self defense against guns?

When Debra Moriarity was looking into the muzzle of her co-worker and friend Amy Bishop’s gun, she thought that she could convince her not to shoot by pleading for her life and by reminding her of common bonds. She was wrong…

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Using social skills to try and convince an attacker to have mercy is a common instinct. In the case of Debra Moriarity her attacker, a trusted co-worker, had already killed 6 people just minutes before their encounter. And as is common in encounters with sociopaths, pleading for mercy didn’t make any difference.

Her attacker raised the gun and pulled the trigger, twice. But the gun was empty. During the attackers attempt to reload Debra and other victims managed to push her out of the room and barricade themselves until help arrived.

The problem when faced with a sociopathic attacker is that negotiation doesn’t work. The only thing that does is to use violence to neutralize their treat. And in this case, the victims had the opportunity to act in such a way that would have eliminated the attacker as a threat… and odds are that they had the opportunity well before she simply ran out of ammunition.

As Debra faced the gun of her attacker she didn’t have any other options but to plead for her life. I’m sure that at that point she would have given anything to know a few very simple techniques that would have left her attacker in a broken pile, unable to function.

She got lucky. The six others were not.

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