Dynamic Self Defense Video Page

The best way to fully understand what Dynamic Self Defense is all about is to visit a class to observe and talk with our students and instructors. We welcome you to schedule a time to stop by.

We have also created a few videos over the years that, in addition to our blog, will give you a good idea of what we are all about!

  • What is Dynamic Self Defense and what can it do for you? Get a full overview of our self defense training program in just 7 minutes!
  • This is a sample of one of our classes. We do a lot of different drills and exercises .. this video doesn’t show them all but it does give you a sense of what our classes are like.
  • A demonstration even showing what both our kids and adults learn in our program.
  • A sample of an expert testing event. Our goal is to get all of our students to this level and even beyond.
  • A sample of what our kids self-defense curriculum teaches.
  • Dynamic Self Defense covered in the news.

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