Women’s Self Defense Classes & Programs

Women’s self defense classes by Dynamic Self Defense can keep you safe in a violent situation.

Woman's Self Defense Classes - New Albany, Ohio

  • Learn how predators choose targets.
  • How to use your environment to avoid an attack.
  • Techniques to eliminate size advantages.
  • How to not freeze under stress.
  • No martial arts skills required.
  • Ideal for moms, students, and groups.

Our 3-hour seminar or 6-week workshops are ideal for any woman wanting to gain confidence by learning practical self-defense tactics. Dynamic Self Defense classes for women differs from our standard adult curriculum in that we don’t focus on techniques that will take longer than the allotted class time to learn or become proficient in.

Don’t settle for a false sense of security…

Police or Community Based Women’s Self Defense: Most community based programs, while free, offer limited advice on self defense. Often a ‘one-size fits all’ approach is used. However, women of different sizes, ages, physical fitness or personalities will require differing strategies and techniques.

Often very little time is spent talking about the adrenaline/stress response which will cause severe tunnel vision in even the most trained individual or the fight/flight response that can cause a person to simply shut down and forget anything they learned. Beating a guy in a red suit might feel good at the time, but it will not matter in a real confrontation.

Handgun (Concealed Carry) for Self Defense: Based on a study of actual police shootings, it takes an average of 15 seconds before an average man is incapacitated after being shot by a 9mm bullet. 15 seconds might not sound like a lot but it’s enough time to shoot an entire magazine of ammunition at you, stab you or club you into unconsciousness. Another factor not often considered is that drawing a weapon and hitting your target are greatly diminished under stress. Even experienced military operators can face a 50% reduction in effectiveness when in a firefight. Relying solely on a gun for self defense is statistically foolish.

Pepper spray, chemical defense or taser: Pepper or chemical sprays are far from magic. It takes about 5 seconds (occasionally longer) for it to fully affect the attackers functioning. The biggest issue besides simply being able to deploy the spray is the risk of cross-contamination – where you get a dose of the spray yourself. Wind, distance and variations between manufacturers make sprays a less than perfect solution.

Tasers or electronic deterrents can be quite effective if properly deployed, however using such a device when it’s not at the ready is very difficult. Projectile based tasers fire two probes and can be used up to several meters. The problem is what happens on a miss as it can take 20 to 30 seconds to reload. Handheld arcing tasers make an impressive sound but require extremely close range contact to work. Without proper training these tools, like any other, can easily be used against you.

Individually Tailored Woman’s Self Defense Classes

  • Women's Self DefenseCustom tailored for each group. The needs of every group will be a little different. The needs and realistic concerns of girls going to college are different from a suburban mom or a traveling executive. We don’t make one program fit all.
  • Hands on approach. We do more than lecture. Knowing what your real security risks are is important. But just as important is engaging every person in the group with hands on learning. This also allows our instructors to assess and gauge the ability of each participant.
  • Principle Based. You’ll learn more than a few basic moves – you’ll learn what to do if your defense technique doesn’t work. Faced with the stress of a real violent situation, highly technical techniques you don’t regularly train will simply disappear. We teach you how to shut down an attacker regardless of size based on 3 simple principles. (Our 6 week course offers additional training in overriding the instinctive stress responses.)
  • Women's Self DefenseSocial, Asocial Threats and Multiple Attackers. 73% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by a non-stranger. The sad truth is that not all security threats come from strangers. Knowing how to respond and deescalate a social threat is completely different from deescalating an asocial threat. In one words and being self aware can make a huge difference in the other is won’t make any difference at all.
  • The Truth Will Make You More Confident. Many self defense courses give participants a false sense of security by teaching things that actually take many hours of training to get right. We’ll tell you the truth about what will work for you under stress. Our stance is no matter how ugly it may be, only by knowing the truth can you ever really be prepared. You don’t need to be a martial arts expert to have a true sense of poise and confidence.

Women’s Self Defense Courses

Option 1: 

One 3 hour class


Option 2: 

Six 1 hour classes


Classes are customized to focus on the needs of the participants. You will learn techniques for awareness and survival with hand-on training.

Ideal for small groups or sponsored events.

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